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Moving in Atlanta’s 2011 winter storm

January 13, 2011


Atlanta feels more like Ohio these days than Georgia.  We went to sleep Sunday night with all well in Atlanta and woke up Monday morning in the North Pole.

In addition to the many issues the snow and ice have caused for others Movers have there share of head aches. If you are scheduled to move this week make sure to call your movers to make sure your move can be completed as scheduled.  A few issues to keep in mind:

1.) Can the movers safely get to your residence? If the roads to your residence are not clear you need to reschedule

2.) Can the movers safely travel to your new residence? If the movers load up your shipment but can not safely get to your new residence than the shipment will need to be stored or left on the truck.  This could lead to additional costs.

3.) Are the drive ways/ parking lots/ walk ways all clear at both locations? Even in the roads are good to and from your residence is your home/apartment/condo clear of ice?  If the movers show up and there is ice covering the surfaces they will need to walk across then your move will not be able to go forward

4.) Can the movers get there moving trucks out of there location? Some office buildings and parking lots are still solid sheets of ice.  Call your movers to make sure they are operational.

5.) Are the movers them selves able to get to work?  If the movers can’t get out of there driveways or apartment buildings then they can’t get to the office to do your move.


Once again plan and communicate.  If snow and ice are still heavy in your area please tell your movers they are movers not magicians.



1874 Piedmont Ave Ne

Suite 305-C

Atlanta, GA







Atlanta movers


1874 Piedmont Ave NE Suite 305-C


1-866-866-8464 OR 770-458-0500


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  1. January 14, 2011 1:16 pm

    Moving try to keep atlanta moving

  2. January 14, 2011 6:21 pm

    trying these for long distance movers what di you think

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