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Moving in Atlanta’s 2011 winter storm

January 13, 2011


Atlanta feels more like Ohio these days than Georgia.  We went to sleep Sunday night with all well in Atlanta and woke up Monday morning in the North Pole.

In addition to the many issues the snow and ice have caused for others Movers have there share of head aches. If you are scheduled to move this week make sure to call your movers to make sure your move can be completed as scheduled.  A few issues to keep in mind:

1.) Can the movers safely get to your residence? If the roads to your residence are not clear you need to reschedule

2.) Can the movers safely travel to your new residence? If the movers load up your shipment but can not safely get to your new residence than the shipment will need to be stored or left on the truck.  This could lead to additional costs.

3.) Are the drive ways/ parking lots/ walk ways all clear at both locations? Even in the roads are good to and from your residence is your home/apartment/condo clear of ice?  If the movers show up and there is ice covering the surfaces they will need to walk across then your move will not be able to go forward

4.) Can the movers get there moving trucks out of there location? Some office buildings and parking lots are still solid sheets of ice.  Call your movers to make sure they are operational.

5.) Are the movers them selves able to get to work?  If the movers can’t get out of there driveways or apartment buildings then they can’t get to the office to do your move.


Once again plan and communicate.  If snow and ice are still heavy in your area please tell your movers they are movers not magicians.



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Movers winter special 1866U-Moving relocation sale

December 18, 2010

1866U-Moving is offering reduced local  moving rates for the Atlanta winter moving season to help ease the load on your aching wallet and warm your soul.  Two professional movers $89.00 hourly (two hour minimum), three professional movers $109.00 hourly (three hour minimum), four professional movers $139.00 hourly (four hour minimum).  All crews include the moving truck, moving pads, and tape to protect your items while moving.  Rest assured 1866umoving is full licensed and insured as well as members of the Atlanta Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  Call 1-866-866-8464 or 770 458 0500 for a free quote or click movers to get more information.


Yes restrictions do apply and you can also receive discounts on out of town non hourly rated moves as well.

1866UMoving – The Moving company of the Atlanta Jazz Festival

September 19, 2010

1-866-U-Moving looks at each moving project and offers our Atlanta moving customers the best possible solution.  When the Atlanta Jazz Festival approached 1-866-U-Moving about helping them prepare for and store items for the upcoming festival we jumped at the chance.  We brought in an industry partner and with our combined efforts were able to satisfy the Atlanta Jazz Festivals complex moving needs.

Call 1-866-U-Moving so we can give you a stress free moving experience.

Curious customer service

August 18, 2010

Just a quick rant.  I recently called our credit card processing company of the past six years to inquire about adding a new type of credit card to our accepted credit card list.  When I spoke with the customer service rep he told me to contact our sales person and proceeded to give me a name and phone number of a rep….he then stated don’t call he does not work for us any longer. No problem who do I call I asked and the rep gave me a company name and toll free number for a sales department of one of his direct competitors.  When I gave my account number to the competitor they told me they could not help me with my account as I was the other companies customer but they would be happy to sign me up to there service.   I am sure the processor we use is doing fine but you have to wonder about long term soundness of there business if they are referring there current customer base to another companies sales force for new products that they themselves sell?  No wonder all the banks have been in trouble over the last few years.

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Atlanta school in Movers out and summers almost over

August 17, 2010

Well Atlanta we can almost call the summer of 2010 moving and relocation season over.  Soon the overly hot days will start to cool off.  The days will darken earlier in the day.  And foot ball will begin (no not that preseason NFL stuff) the real foot ball SEC.

When moving try to keep in mind that your friendly Atlanta movers are keeping an eye on the pig skin classics on Saturdays starting in about 2 1/2 weeks.  So be kind book your Atlanta move on Friday or Sunday 😉  .  Just joshing can’t wait for the fall moving and football seasons to get underway (even if you want to move on Saturday we are here to help).

Feeling hot hot hot

June 28, 2010

Ok Atlanta summer moving season is upon us and moving is in full swing. The good news is the moving season has heated up…the bad news is the summer moving is heated up. Man it is hot outside. All kidding aside when you move during the summer you and or your movers need to take extra precautions to deal with the heat and glaring sun. First make sure you eat a balanced meal the morning of the move. Second make sure to realize that moving is a marathon not a sprint. If you start running around thinking you will get the move done earlier more than likely you will hit the wall and your performance and stamina will be shot. Third and most important is drink plenty of fluids water and sports drinks (not soft drinks) through out the day.

Good luck with your move and if you want to enjoy the ac and by pass the heat give 1-866-U-Moving a call. Cold or hot we can help you with all your moving needs.

NFL draft is done now what?

April 27, 2010

College football season ended months ago.  College football recruiting was wrapped up before spring.  NFL had it’s season and the big game is over as well.  The last hold out for us football nuts was the NFL draft.  Granted I don’t follow the NFL like college football but at least it gives you a chance to talk about the college greats again.  The draft is over and now the long wait until fall when the real football season (the college football season) gets into the swing again.  So what to do in the mean time?  Well you can always focus on work 🙂 yes it is more fun to argue about who might win or should sin a future game or why or why not you lost a previously played game but then again if you work harder today you’ll have more money to spend during football season………..

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